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Hubbard County Government Center Addition/Renovation

Park Rapids, MN

Construction is complete on a project that involved the remodeling and expansion of the 1970’s vintage Hubbard County Courthouse.  


Of importance was the need to provide a high level of public service while maintaining an appropriate degree of separation between the public and staff.  As a result, the existing floorplan, with departments located on each side of a central corridor, was modified to provide shared work areas with public access gained through a new lobby on the south side.  There, a single counter provides services ranging from paying taxes, voting and issuing licenses.   


Above, a continuous public service counter with suspended clear glass panels gives a feeling of openness while providing a barrier. Conference rooms on the perimeter allow staff to meet with the public without allowing them into private secure spaces.  

The third floor accommodates administrative offices and a new board room.

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