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Milaca Public Library

Milaca, MN

Vetter Johnson Architects worked with the City of Milaca and the East Central Regional Library System on the design of a new 8,500 Sq. Ft. library located on the existing city hall campus.  Prior to design, a number of pre-conditions were stated, including a desire that the new building match the adjacent City Hall in materials and form, that large murals be accommodated and that a fire place of local fieldstone be incorporated.  The resulting design takes its cue from the adjacent building but is stepped in configuration so as to not dominate the existing smaller building.  Inside, a high volume, capped with a rolled skylight provided ample surface for a regional artist to paint murals depicting local history.  Throughout the building, suspended circular soffits articulate the location of the children’s area, and the adult and young adult lounges.

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